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The Pattern of Virtual Leadership

Seyyed Ali Akbar Afjahi; Vahid Khashei Varnamkhasti; Hamed Dehghanan; Artimass Massveh Mobarakeh

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 7-44


  In today’s society, important human interactions takes place through information technology, and this requires a reconstruction of leadership concept. The purpose of this study is to provide a model for virtual leadership. This study is fundamental in terms of purpose and descriptive in terms of ...  Read More

The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Work engagement: The Mediating Role of Structural Empowerment

Mansooreh Moeini Korbekandi; Gholamali Tabarsa

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 45-74


  The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of transformational leadership on work engagement with the mediating role of structural empowerment. The study in terms of purpose is practical and in terms of methods of data collection is survey from group of descriptive researches. The statistical ...  Read More

Green HR Model Design in Small and Medium Industries Using Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM)

Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; Amir Mohammad Khani; Soraya Beyrami

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 75-108


  Small, medium and high-yield industries in the direction of strengthening production and employment, especially to maintain and strengthen the country's economic strength in difficult economic conditions; they play a very important role. Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) is a topic for small and ...  Read More

The Fuzzy Model of Ambidextrous Human Resource Management's Antecedents and Components

Akbar Hassanpoor; Hassan Rangriz; Yousef Vakili; Bahram Moazeni

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 109-142


  The Ambidexterity of human resource management refers to the ability of human resource management to discover and exploit talented employees. The purpose of this study is to identify the antecedents and components of ambidextrous human resource management and prioritize them. The research is applied ...  Read More

Interaction Framework of Internal Drivers of Business Model Innovation for Developers of Complex Defense Products

Morteza Maroufani Asl; Golamreza Tavakoli; Hasan Farsijani; Mohammad Hossin Karimi Gavareshiki

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 143-182


  Business model innovation is a prominent topic in the field of management. The importance of this concept for complex defense product developers is also increasing. This study analyzes the relationships structure of "internal drivers of business model innovation" for developers of complex defense products. ...  Read More

Alignment Model of the Internal Marketing Types and Employees Mistakes based on Logic of Typology

Alireza Koushkie Jahromi; Moein Abdolmohamad Sagha; Saeed Zarandi

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 183-227


  The current study aims to present a typology of alignment of the employee mistakes types’ and learning from them with the internal marketing approach. The authors review the literature and in-depth overview of the theoretical foundations in the area of employees' mistakes and how to learn from ...  Read More

Organizational Behavior
impact of transformational leadership on organizational citizenship behavior: The role of identification , Work engagement, psychological empowerment and Proactive personality

Marziyeh Dehghanizadeh; Ali Shojaeifard; Sajjad Zarei Pizadani

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, Pages 229-285


  The purpose of current research is to investigate effect of transformational leadership on organizational citizenship behavior: the role of identification, Work engagement, psychological empowerment and Proactive personality. The statistical population of this research is employees of Agricultural Jihad ...  Read More