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The Role of Employee Expectations and Brand Promises in Forming the Employer Brand Experiences

Shirin Mazraeh; Ali Shaemi Barzoki; Ali Safari

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, Pages 9-38


  This paper aimed to examin how employer brand experience formed for talented employees and determine the effect of employee’s expectation and brand promise on forming the employer brand experiences. The statistical population is talented employees who worked in active enterprises of Tehran labor ...  Read More

The Effect of the Loneliness on Creativity in theWorkplace

Hadi Teimouri; Parisa Heidari

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, Pages 39-56


  Nowadays, with the competitiveness of organizations and the increasing complexity, creativity is an important factor for gaining competitive advantage in the global arena and the attention of creative people to achieving creative solutions is of particular importance and in situations where economic ...  Read More

Designing an Effective Pattern of Virtuous Organizations

Hamid reza Yazdani; Shahram Hafezi; ABDOLKHALEGH GHOLAMI

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, Pages 57-83


  The purpose of this study was to design an effective model of virtuous organizations with emphasis on the ، Cooperative Development Bank and using the integrated method (exploratory) in four stages: At first, the documents, platforms and indices of virtuous organizations were extracted, then the Delphi ...  Read More

The Effect of Subjective Well-being Dimensions on Exclusion from the Workplace

Mohammad sadegh Hassanzadeh; Ali Lahouti

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, Pages 85-111


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of dimensions of mental well-being on exclusion from the workplace with regard to the moderating role of emotional intelligence. Research is a descriptive-survey based on the purpose of the application and in terms of how it is collected. ...  Read More

The Effect the Workplace Mobbing and Perceived Procedural Injustice on Organizational Wellbeing

Shahram Noorisamarin; Nasrin Arshadi; Seyyed Esmaeil Hashemi; Abdulzahra Naami

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, Pages 113-138


  The aim of current research was to investigate the effect of workplace mobbing and procedural injustice on organizational well-being by mediating role of organizational silence. The study was correlational research based on structural equation modeling. The statistical population of present study was ...  Read More

The Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Leadership Style on Trust in Leader-Follower Relationships

Akbar Hassan poor; Yousef Vakili; Saeed Jafari Nia; Esmaeil Khorram

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, Pages 139-172


  One of the basic and important components in mutual interactions between the leader and the follower is trust in superior leadership style. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine the priority of the effect of each of the leadership styles on trust in the leader and to examine the consequences ...  Read More