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Presenting a Pattern for Comprehending the Cost of Misbehavior of Staffs in Banks' Branches

Zaynab Tolabi; Esfandyar Mohammadi; Boroumand Khodadadian

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, Pages 1-38


  This study intended to present a pattern for comprehending the cost of misbehaviors of staffs in banks’ branches, by qualitative Approach and grounded theory. The population of this study was the staffs and managers of bank branches in Ilam city. By applying purposeful model of sampling, 40 person ...  Read More

The Effect of Organizational Transparency on Commotion-Goal Management by Mediating Social Capital

mehdi deyhimpuor

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, Pages 39-62


  Each stakeholder of each organization uses any means to achieve their goals, one of which is controversy in order to achieve the desired result. Therefore, the present study aims to manage Commotion-Goal with emphasis on organizational transparency and social capital variables that are applied in terms ...  Read More

Analysis the Model of Employees' Leisure Time Management at the Workplace in Mix Method Approach

Hadi Teimouri; Farkhondeh forouzan; Ali Safari

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, Pages 63-84


  The present study aims to explain the model for employees' leisure management at the Workplace using the mix method approach and systematic grounded theory in its qualitative aspect. To this end, besides open interviewing with 16 university experts and managers of the selected hospitals in Shiraz City, ...  Read More

Meta-analysis of antecedents and consequences of organizational silence phenomenon in Iran

belal panahi

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, Pages 85-107


  In recent years, the subject of organizational silence has become an important part of research in the field of organization and management. Organizational silence is considered to be a social phenomenon that is happened by several factors in the organization and influences the important organizational ...  Read More

Relationships of Managers’ Leadership Styles and Communication Skills via Cognitive Maladaptive Schemas

mohammadreza jabbari; Kamal Dorrani; Abbas Rahiminezhad

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, Pages 109-135


  Aims and objectives: Managers are of a great importance to the population because of their position and the influence they usually have on subordinates and in general on organizational performance. Fundamental personality structures, behaviours, communication skills have a significant effect on individuals. ...  Read More

Studying effect of Ncentive-Based Compensation on Managerial Performance

Ali Hamidizadeh; Jabar Babashahi; , Maryam Kanafchian

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, Pages 137-158


  This study examines the effect of incentive-based compensation schemes on managerial performance by clarifying the role of information asymmetry and organizational commitment as mediator. The research method in terms of purpose is among the descriptive and survey research data collection tool is questionnaire. ...  Read More