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Organizational Behavior
Designing a Pattern of the antecedents and Consequences for employees mental absence in Iran using meta- synthesis approach

Hadi Teimouri; Ali Asghar Mobasheri

Volume 33, Issue 111 , April 2024


  Employees mental absent is a negative phenomenon which can make organizations face many challenges in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Therefore, the aim of the this study is to designing a pattern for antecedents and consequences of employees mental absence in Iran. This study conducted using ...  Read More

Organizational Behavior
Designing a Pattern Of the Causes and Consequences of Organizational Inertia

Shahrzad Kiyanpour; Hadi Teimouri; Ali Asghar Mobasheri

Volume 32, Issue 110 , January 2024, , Pages 107-138


  Organizational inertia leads to the damage and inefficiency in organizational processes and then the incidence of serious obstacles in the direction of achieving goals at micro and macro levels. Today due to the possibility of this phenomenon occurring in various organizations, and its role as the most ...  Read More

The Effect of the Loneliness on Creativity in theWorkplace

Hadi Teimouri; Parisa Heidari

Volume 29, Issue 98 , February 2021, , Pages 39-56


  Nowadays, with the competitiveness of organizations and the increasing complexity, creativity is an important factor for gaining competitive advantage in the global arena and the attention of creative people to achieving creative solutions is of particular importance and in situations where economic ...  Read More

Analysis the Model of Employees' Leisure Time Management at the Workplace in Mix Method Approach

Hadi Teimouri; Farkhondeh forouzan; Ali Safari

Volume 28, Issue 94 , February 2020, , Pages 63-84


  The present study aims to explain the model for employees' leisure management at the Workplace using the mix method approach and systematic grounded theory in its qualitative aspect. To this end, besides open interviewing with 16 university experts and managers of the selected hospitals in Shiraz City, ...  Read More

A Pattern of Competency - Oriented Compensation System of Employees

Hadi Teimouri; Arash Shahin; Ali Shaemi Barzoki; Abdoullah Karimi

Volume 27, Issue 90 , June 2019, , Pages 115-140


  The purpose of this research is to propose a competency-Compensation Assessment System Through Succession Planning. Having reviewed the research literature as well as experts' opinions, the primary model was proposed and then, the final research model was presented using the experts' opinions. The study ...  Read More

Study of The Relationship Between Dimensions of Organizational Intelligence and Organizational Entrepreneurship

Hadi Teimouri; Ali Shaemi; Maryam Zarei

Volume 25, Issue 83 , June 2017, , Pages 115-134


  According to increase the intensity of competition in the banking sector, retaining existing customers and attracting new customers are very important. Therefore, organizations must have entrepreneurial spirit in the organizational structure and encounter with unstable and dynamic external environment. ...  Read More