Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master's Student in Change Management, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Management, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

3 Ph.D Student in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran


Organizational inertia leads to the damage and inefficiency in organizational processes and then the incidence of serious obstacles in the direction of achieving goals at micro and macro levels. Today due to the possibility of this phenomenon occurring in various organizations, and its role as the most important factor limiting flexibility and preventing the organization from providing a timely reaction and response to daily environmental changes, the importance of deeper identification of the causes affecting the occurrence of this phenomenon and its consequences has doubled. Therefore, due to the lack of a unified and coherent model around the causes and consequences of organizational inertia, the present research aims to systematically review and qualitatively combine the findings of previous studies regarding the issue of inertia in the organization and formulate a single framework of the causes and consequences of the mentioned phenomenon. The results of the present applied research indicate that the causes of inertia in the organization can be studied and investigated in three individual, group and organizational dimensions and its consequences in two individual and organizational dimensions. based on the mentioned cases, at the end of the research, the conceptual model of the organizational inertia was developed and presented.


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