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Organizational Leadership
Linguistic patterns of managers to gain legitimacy in large organizations

Shahram Khalil Nezhad

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 May 2024


  The strategy-as-practice view is one of the new, emerging and developing perspectives in the field of strategy research. This view places great emphasis on the study of language, and discourse in small and local areas. The study, relying on this approach and using thematic analysis, seeks to investigate ...  Read More

Organizational Leadership
A meta-theory in organizational leadership based on unitary ontology

Fatemehsadat Mir; Seyyed medi alvani; Hamed Dehghanan; mehdi golshani; Zohreh Dehdashti

Volume 33, Issue 112 , July 2024


  The importance of leadership on the one hand and the plurality of opinions in this field on the other hand increase the need to rethink and conduct research in this regard. The purpose of this exploratory research is to identify gaps in existing leadership theories and to present a new meta-theory to ...  Read More

Organizational Leadership
Conceptualization of global leadership competency model by systematic review method

Hadi Rostami pashaei; Ali Rezaeian; Hasan Farsijani

Volume 33, Issue 112 , July 2024


  In the last decade, world-class leadership as a new approach to improve the competitive advantage of organizations has attracted the attention of many researchers in different fields. Many articles have studied world-class leadership in organizational literature, especially strategic management and human ...  Read More

Organizational Leadership
Leadership styles: Examining the past, present and explaining the future with a scientometric approach in R software

Gholamali Tabarsa; Neda Ssalimi; Mohammadreza Mohajernia; Mohammadhossein Esnaashari; Mehran Badin Dahesh

Volume 33, Issue 111 , April 2024, , Pages 1-40


  The goal of the current research is to study the research process around the concept of leadership and leadership style, using the method of analysis and Scientometrics mapping. This research is descriptive-analytical and has been carried out with a Scientometrics approach. The tool of data collection ...  Read More