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Organizational Leadership
A meta-theory in organizational leadership based on unitary ontology

Fatemehsadat Mir; Seyyed medi alvani; Hamed Dehghanan; mehdi golshani; Zohreh Dehdashti

Volume 33, Issue 112 , July 2024


  The importance of leadership on the one hand and the plurality of opinions in this field on the other hand increase the need to rethink and conduct research in this regard. The purpose of this exploratory research is to identify gaps in existing leadership theories and to present a new meta-theory to ...  Read More

A Model for Managers' Career Strategies in the Iranian Insurance Industry

Mehdi Yazdanshenas; Hamed Dehghanan; Saeid Sehhat; Forough Saghayan

Volume 32, Issue 109 , October 2023, , Pages 1-26


  This study aimed to provide a model for the career path strategies of managers in the Iranian insurance industry. The research method is qualitative in terms of the nature of the research and applied in terms of purpose. The Participants whose number was determined based on theoretical saturation are ...  Read More

The Pattern of Virtual Leadership

Seyyed Ali Akbar Afjahi; Vahid Khashei Varnamkhasti; Hamed Dehghanan; Artimass Massveh Mobarakeh

Volume 32, Issue 107 , April 2023, , Pages 7-44


  In today’s society, important human interactions takes place through information technology, and this requires a reconstruction of leadership concept. The purpose of this study is to provide a model for virtual leadership. This study is fundamental in terms of purpose and descriptive in terms of ...  Read More

The Effect of Network Behavior on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Mehdi Yazdanshenas; Saeid Babakhani

Volume 29, Issue 95 , June 2020, , Pages 49-81


  Sales persons and their performance in each industry and area is one of the main factors affecting the success of organizations. Network behavior as a new concept in personal and organizational behavior literature, is under researchers’ consideration. In this research the researcher was going to ...  Read More

Factors Affecting the Success of Electronic Human Resource Managemen

Hamed Dehghanan; karim Rahmati

Volume 25, Issue 82 , March 2017, , Pages 123-145


  The field of electronic human resoures has turned out to be an importantfield in organization and particularly in human resoures of organizations in recent years. In this study, the main objective is to identify and demonstrate the relationship between factors and the success of electronic human resource ...  Read More