Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Management Department, Shaed University

2 MA of Public Administration at Shahed University


Nowadays, Many researchers believe that the  psychological capital  of organizations can Contribute to  a sustainable competitive advantage. On the other hand, to keep that presence in global markets, organizations need to make use of novel  ideas in the market.
One of the latest innovation paradigms in the organization leading to competitive companies, is known as open innovation. In this paradigm, efficient interaction with  the outside inshrutions of the organizational including the competitors may be present throughout the process of innovation. therefore, this study aimed at investigating the impact of positive organizational behavior & Open innovation on the improve of competitive advantage.
Kaleh Food industries, as one of the international brands with a great diversity in  products and using open innovation in producing similar to foreign products has been investigated in the present study.
the methodology of this study is Descriptive and Correlational. 170 manager & experts of Kaleh food industries participated in the study, 118  of which were selected as the sample group by random selection.
The data collecction instrumant was questionnaire. the Reliability and Validity of the questionnaire were confirmed by  Cronbach's alpha and construct and content Reliability , respectively.
PLS software was used for data analysis. correlation coefficient, average test and t-test were calculated, and contruct equation modeling was presented. the findings of  study confirmed the effect of positive organizational behavior & open innovation on competitive advantage.  First and second hypothesis stating the impact of positive organizational behavior on open innovation and positive  organizational behavior on competitive advantage, respectively, was confirmed.  , however, the third hypothesis stating the impact of open innovation on competitive advantage was not confirmed