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The   first  step   in  taking   upon   management  duties  is  decision making. Since decision making is impossible without the presence of information  and  communication,   the  implementing  basis  of such  a function  is  providing  information  for management.  Uncertainty .about the   future   and   lack   of information on   current   events   makes management   to   follow   the   information   and  conduct   formal   and informal  communication.   Information  is  the  processed  data  of the organization,  which increases management certainty in the decision making   in  proper   process   of  information  provision,   through   its connective    structure.    The    fast-changing    external    factors    have facilitated  the  organization's  development  and  increased  the complexity  of management   systems  and  need  for  information.  The consequences   of  weak  decisions  cannot  be  compensated,   and  the impact of strategic decisions cannot be described as well. Note that the provision  of timely, correct, appropriate, brief,  and useful information and communications  a necessity  for an efficient  MIS in all levels of management,  in  order  to  facilitate  right  decision  making,  planning, and control of executive functions. Hence,  this paper is  indicating  the importance  of decision  making  in the organization,  as well as the role of MIS in improving the quality of this vital process in the organization.