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Talent management is one of the most important issue for leaders of organizations and talent retention as a critical part of   it, can affect on organizational success.Human wealth means talent people that play important role to succeed every company.This article is focused on to determine the types of organizational elements include strategy, leadership, structure and culture that influence to retain talent in organization. In this research tourism industry has been studied because of human resource oriented industry.Finally researchers offer the applied model for human wealth in organization. Mixed method research was used in this research.  At the first step, it was used qualitative research method-grounded theory- by semi structured interviewing for gathering data. Based on results of the first step, the questionnaire was made to gather data in quantitative research method .Structural equation models (SEM) - Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)- was used in this step. The final result of this research represents        that organic/dynamic structure, participating/delegating leadership, clan/adhocracy culture and paternalistic/commitment strategy are critical for retaining talent