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1 Ph.D.student of Human Resource Management, Department of Management, Lorestan University. Khorramabad, Iran

2 Associate Prof, Department of Business Management, Lorestan University, Khoramabad,Iran

3 Associate Professor, Department of Management, Lorestan University. Khoramabad,Iran

4 Professor, Department of Management, Lorestan University, Khoramabad,Iran


, the purpose of this study was to design a demonstration policy model in the banking industry. The qualitative community in this research was formed by all university professors in the field of public administration, banking management, strategic management, along with board members and CEOs of the country's banks, and the number of participants in this study was 18 people. The quantitative statistical population of this study was made up of board members and senior managers of the country's banks. The number of 45 people from the statistical population was determined as the research sample. The findings of this study showed that organizational culture, personality traits of managers, environmental requirements, politicking, emotional intelligence, demonstrative management style, speculation, non-demanding, purposeful orientation of public opinion, showcase performance, organizational conditions and organizational atmosphere are considered as the main dimensions of performance policy in the banking industry. The identified prioritization showed that in the order of personality characteristics of managers, targeted orientation of public opinion, organization, organizational culture, environmental conditions, organizational climate, emotional intelligence, showcase performance, organizational conditions, non-existence, style Demonstrative management and politicization are important aspects of dramatic politicization.


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